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Jim Fallis


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Jim Fallis is a former professor, head coach, athletic director, and non-profit executive. After graduating from Lake Superior State University in 1981, Jim Fallis was hired by the school to serve as both Assistant Professor and Head Wrestling Coach. He later went on to serve as the Athletic Director at his alma mater, the University of Northern Colorado, and Northern Arizona University.

Over the past thirty-plus years, Jim has helped numerous student-athletes achieve success and develop as leaders on and off the field. It’s no surprise that Jim has been involved in athletics for his entire professional life. After all, sports played a tremendous role in his own upbringing.

After moving to the United States in 6th grade from Germany, where school sports did not exist, Jim quickly found himself enjoying his time on the basketball court and football field. It was during his sophomore year of high school, however, that Jim Fallis finally discovered his true passion, wrestling.

As a kid that frequently found himself getting into trouble, Jim credits the sport of wrestling for truly changing his life around. It served as a physical and emotional outlet that helped Jim Fallis truly grow and develop as a person. The sport of wrestling is both physically demanding and mentally challenging; when you are able to compete and sustain yourself on the mat, however, it becomes incredibly rewarding. Jim enjoyed this challenge, and quickly found himself excelling at the sport.

Wrestling continued to play a major part in Jim Fallis’ life well past high school. He was a member of the wrestling team during his time at Lake Superior State University. Jim was then brought on as the Head Coach for the program after graduation.

After many years as an Athletic Director, Jim Fallis got back to his wrestling roots when he joined Beat the Streets, a non-profit organization that uses wrestling as the vehicle through which young people achieve their full physical, cognitive, and social potential. Beat the Streets aims to develop children into strong and effective individuals and members of the world.

Although he no longer serves as the Executive Director, Jim Fallis continues to dedicate his time as a consultant to the organization. As a person who found himself through the sport of wrestling, Jim finds it to be incredibly rewarding to help expose the youth to this great sport and empower them as individuals through the lessons that wrestling teaches.

Jim Fallis believes that it is important for kids of all ages to get involved in some sports, as it provides a number of tremendous benefits. For one, the physical benefits of sports cannot be duplicated. Additionally, sports provide a place for kids to cultivate their social skills, learn how to work as a team, and develop patience.

Jim Fallis is a firm believer that kids should be given the opportunity to develop and determine their own passions. All too often parents apply to much pressure to get involved in certain sports, instead of letting the kids participate in what they enjoy. The rate at which kids drop out of youth sports is alarming and has a lot to do with the unreal expectation and pressures placed on them by parents.

Sports can play a valuable part in every child’s life, regardless of the amount of time actually spent in the game. When sports are approached properly, they can help everyone become a better person. The fact that you are practicing and competing with your teammates is going to translate into both psychological and personal benefits that will help you for the rest of your life.


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