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You can buy your child all of the helmets and pads and defensive equipment that they can wear at one time, but even so, they’re bound to get in a little scrape at some point in their youth sports career. When that happens, you’ll want to be prepared on how to react; thankfully, there are now a wide range of apps that can help you to take care of your MVP if they sustain an injury on the field. Take a look!


The youth sports community is becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of concussions, but it can be hard to tell when a player exhibits signs of a concussion and whether they should seek medical attention or get back in the game. The app HitCheck seeks to fix that problem: Using a series of video game-like test, it tests neurological functions that are typically affected by concussions. Players can complete a HitCheck test, which takes about 5-7 minutes, as soon as they sustain a potential concussion, and their results can be shared with healthcare providers in order to assist in diagnosis and treatment.


Your child’s youth sports team probably requests a copy of their medical history, but do you know who’s responsible for it or who has it at games? Rather than wait until an injury to answer these questions, download TeamSafe—and make sure your child’s coach does, too. TeamSafe is an app that stores each player’s medical history and emergency contact information as well as provides instructions on first aid and emergency medicine in the event of an injury. TeamSafe has been recommended by the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS).

Volt Athletics

For older athletes looking for help with their training and conditioning regimens, Volt Athletics’ app can be an incredible asset. The app uses Volt’s Intelligent Training System to analyze an athlete’s physique and help to develop a tailor-made workout plan to achieve their goals. These goals are designed to help athletes make realistic improvements and avoid injury, so parents and coaches alike can take comfort in the fact that their athletes aren’t overexerting themselves.