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Unfortunately, participation in youth sports is rapidly declining throughout the United States, but one of the few sports that has not seen a decline in youth participation in recent years is golf. These are the four biggest reasons why golf will be the next great youth sport.

No Need to Find a Team

Since there are fewer kids playing team sports, it can be very difficult to find a team for your child. It is even harder to find a local team if you live in a small town. Since golf is an individual sport, you never have to worry about finding a team in the area. There are also youth golf programs and tournaments throughout the country, so it will never be hard for your child to play the sport they love.

Great Form of Exercise

Golf may be viewed as a recreation activity by a lot of people, but it is actually a great form of exercise. It is entirely possible to burn nearly 400 calories playing one round of golf without a cart. Golf also help build up several key muscles in the arms, back and legs that can be hard to strengthen with other exercises. Every kid needs to get outside for some exercise, and playing golf may be the best way to achieve this important task.

Learn Valuable Life Lessons

No sport resembles life more than golf. Every golfer is going to have good and bad days on the course. Learning how to deal with these ups and downs is a great lesson for your child to learn. If they get too emotional after one thing does not go their way, then they will not succeed in life or on the golf course. Golf is also the perfect sport to teach your child respect, discipline, and sportsmanship.

No Risk of Serious Injuries

It can be tough for a parent to watch their child play football, hockey or another dangerous contact sport because the risk of serious injury is so high. You will never have to deal with this major parental concern if you let your kid play golf. There is absolutely no risk of serious injury when playing golf. The worst thing that may happen is some muscle and joint pain, which is much better than a concussion or broken bone.